2021 Letter



“Bet on change, it’s the only sure thing.”

Welcome to 2021. We can all be in agreement that the world changed in 2020. Things are different and may stay different, time will tell. This Guild is awesome in the way it continued thru the Pandemic. The Get-R-Done and Community Quilts postings on Facebook kept us together. I look forward to seeing what others have completed. Along the way, a few people got lost. I have hope that we will find each other again. The only thing I can absolutely guarantee with complete certainty is that things will not be the same.

We are now meeting at St Sylvester’s Catholic Church in Navarre. Meetings are planned for the 2nd Thursday of each month, 9-12. The only exception is November and December when they will move to the 1st Thursday due to the Holidays. Right now we are in the large middle building. It is cavernous and allows social distancing. We will keep it till March, when we will reevaluate to see if we require a room this large. Bees are planned for the 4th Thursday of each month in a smaller room in the third building. There are outlets, so please if you bring a machine, bring an extension cord. This room is ours except in July where Bee meets on the 29th, and November and December where it is the third Thursday.

I encourage everyone to do what is best for you. Some wear masks, some don’t. It’s a personal choice. There is not a business, group or organization that can claim that their building is safe. It will be a challenge to reach everyone. If you are in quarantine at home, reach out. It is impossible for the Guild to break thru the bubble. We miss you.

We have two open positions. Both require creative thinking. At this time, no one can say they will make it to every meeting. Even positions that are filled may need help for a meeting or two. Please say yes if you are asked to help. It may mean sitting at the membership/sign in or take photos for a meeting. First open position is Historian and Photos. Right now, Sue takes photos for the newsletter. Can someone take photos of quilts on their smartphone? The Historian requires creative thinking. Does anyone scrapbook anymore? Maybe just transfer it all to a thumb drive. I’m up in the air on that one. Second, Workshops is open. Right now, few people want to meet for workshops. Maybe that could be an online thing. A Bonnie Hunter Mystery or a Quilt along. Post your progress. It’s about connection. One day, we might be able to have a workshop if there is interest.

Nothing is set in stone, it’s all new. Not because of me, but because of the situation. I’m asking you to be willing to accept change. Think creatively. Let’s keep the Guild going. Let’s work together, bring your ideas. Just because something is being different now doesn’t mean it will be this way forever. I look forward to working with y’all and getting to know you better.

Tish Overly